Berczy Bulletin: The November Edition

Today we woke up to a winter wonderland, and with our British obsession of talking about the weather, we've obviously all been going nuts. But now it really does feel like Christmas and Wham! and Mariah Carey have been on repeat for the past 8 hours. 

It's been a month full of events as we support old friends and make new ones too, Winter Cola has been flying out the door and new flavours might be coming sooner than you think! Read on for more exciting updates as we get back to wrapping your Christmas orders ahead of the big day, some may call us Santa claus... 

Team Berczy x 

Movember & Mental health 

Our friends at The Savourists hosted a live recording of their popular podcast, Untold, with all donations going to Movember. 
An honest chat about the realities of running a business and the effect it can have on mental health. It was a reminder to be kind to ourselves and ask for help if we need it. 

We've been keeping a secret...

It's been taste test galore over at Berczy HQ as we are preparing to release some brand new flavours next year. 
We can't wait to show you what's coming in 2023, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled as we reveal what's to come very soon. 

Adventures in Oxford

We took a trip out of the big smoke and into the historic city of Oxford to spread the Berczy love far and wide. 
Propelled by the country air we handed out samples and found new Berczy fans who will be very happy to know that Berczy will be available in even more Oxford venues very soon!

Events at Sweat by BXR 

We've been rewarding fitness fanatics at boutique gym Sweat by BXR with refreshments this month. 
We may be bias but Berczy is the perfect refreshment for that post workout treat. Light, refreshing and oh so delicious.  

The Savourists are great friends of ours, and they are shaking up the way healthy snacking is done. Proving that it doesn’t have to be boring or bland, it can be fun and absolutely delicious. They are experimenting with flavours, bringing you crunchier crunches, and getting your tastebuds jiggling the way they should.

Why did you start The Savourists?
Our founder Harry was working for a soft drinks company when the sugar tax was introduced, it got him thinking about how much rubbish can and does go into food and drink products. After sweeping the supermarket aisle and realising it was dominated by samey flavour profiles with misleading health messaging, it was time for a change! So that’s where the Savourists came from, a mission to make genuinely healthy snacks that don’t taste healthy. To put the jiggle back into snacking!

What products do you offer? 
We have two great ranges; CRUNCHITS, which are black bean and edamame bites bundled together in Thai Chilli or Sizzling BBQ flavour. They’re totally different, high in protein and super moreish and perfect to go with a Berczy. They’ve also been selling out on EasyJet ever since they launched in November!

Our savoury bars combine lentils, seeds and ancient grains in three delicious flavours; Black Olive and Nori seaweed, Spicy Sriracha and Classic Smoky BBQ. These are unlike any snack bar you’ll have had before!

What exciting plans do you have for 2023?
Crunchits are going to blow the snacking world away next year! We want to spread the jiggle far and wide so keep your eyes peeled for new listings, new packs and new flavours.

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