Berczy Bulletin: The April Edition

The pubs have reopened – hallelujah, and life finally feels like it’s getting back to some sort of reality! Whether you were savvy enough to book a table or you’re just grateful to be outside the same four walls, we hope April has been a nice change of scenery and you’ve been able to see your friends.

Check out our favourite playlist this month to get you in the groove of a long hot summer ahead, the 21st June is now in sight!

2 Silver Medals

We’re delighted to announce that both our Passionfruit & Turmeric and Peach & Raspberry won Silver Medals at The Spirits Business’ Low & No Pre-Mixed Spring Tasting. After spending months perfecting all three of our delicious flavours, it's great to see our hard work paying off!

New Charity Partner

In case you missed our announcement, we have partnered up with UKHarvest to join their mission to eliminate hunger & food waste in the UK through education and food rescue. We will be donating 1% of sales to support all of their great work.

Doing Good

Thank you so much for buying our drinks during Earth Week, between you, you guys helped us plant 110 trees with TreeApp! These trees will be planted in locations around the world that need trees the most, including Africa, Asia and the Americas.


If you are yet to have heard about our wildly ambitious ambassador, Nick, then strap in for the ride…

Nick is an incredible runner with a fantastic personality that we came across when he’d completed a marathon in every country in the world – that’s 196 (as well as future proofing the world-first record and running the most renowned marathons, taking it to 211). At the end of last year, he ran 100 marathons in 100 days from the north to the south of Italy, and now he’s circumnavigating the UK by running a double marathon a day. This is in a bid to break the world record, and raise money for his new charity, The 196 Foundation.

What he’s interested in: Running of course, and making a positive impact through my new charity The 196 Foundation. I founded this after completing my 196 countries in the world challenge, and the aim is to give back to some of the communities I have visited that need support.

Best place to visit: Every country in the world! On my world-first expedition to become the first person to run a marathon in every country in the world, I can honestly say every country I visited was so special in it’s own way and any pre-conceived ideas I had we’re generally proven to be wrong.

Which flavour he'll be grabbing tonight: I think it has to be the Peach & Raspberry, but Passionfruit & Turmeric is a close runner-up!

What he’s loving right now: It’s got to be Tim Peake - Limitless on Audiobook. This definitely is passing some time on my Run Britain expedition, which is a total of 5,240 miles around the British coastline in 100 days.

Berczy drinks in the news

Passionfruit Turmeric hard seltzer