Berczy Bulletin: The November Edition

The snow is falling early this year! But, will we be graced with a white Christmas? That is the big question.

As we edge closer to the end of a busy year, there's no slowing down. The team have been out and about sampling our Limited Edition Winter Cola at Planet Organic stores, with more to come over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on our Instagram for dates and times. Find out what else we've been up to below!

Find us at CitizenM

We’re so excited that from 1st December you'll be able to drink a Berczy in all CitizenM hotels across the UK. If you find yourself in one of their hotels soon, sit back, relax and sip away. Send us a snap and we’ll gift you some drinks, to keep your adventure going!

Nourish Hub Visit

We recently visited our charity partner UKHarvest’s new community space in West London, the Nourish Hub. A colourful space for people to learn new cooking skills and the importance of reducing food waste. Read more about our visit here.

Aimee Fuller IG live

In case you missed it, we caught up with Aimee Fuller yesterday. We chatted about everything from her successful career snowboarding for Team GB to running a marathon in North Korea and what’s in store for the next few months. Watch the Instagram live here.

Matt is one of our co-founders, and makes sure everythings ticking over in the background. From ensuring all our deliveries go out on time, to handling any customer queries, he’s a smooth operator! He is also the owner of our cute mini, Shirley, who is now a crucial member of the team.

What he’s interested in?

The great outdoors (not sitting in a hot tub). I have daily non-negotiables in my routine, one of which is getting fresh air. Come rain or shine, I have to go for a run or walk. Lockdown forced me into this, and I’m glad it's a habit I've maintained and one I'm really interested in keeping.

Favourite place to visit?

Jersey (Old Jersey on the Channel Islands as opposed to America’s New Jersey, although that's a close second). I love that it's a 45 minute flight and it has lovely weather (most of the time). It's British, and for a small island there’s lots to do like coastal walks, surfing and it has great restaurants.

Which flavour he'll be grabbing tonight?

Winter Cola because it's delicious. But it is a limited edition flavour, so when it's gone, it's gone!

What he’s loving right now?

The cold weather (yes, I am strange) as it means one step closer to Christmas and a nice, bone chilling walk to wake myself up in the mornings.


“Eco-booze brands to add to your shopping list include Berczy, which donates 1 per cent of its hard seltzer sales to food waste charity UKHarvest and has a new Winter Cola flavour.”
Evening Standard