Sliding Doors x Berczy: Your Moments

Have you ever thought about those moments that shaped your life? Those ‘what if’ stories where if it hadn’t of happened your life might not be the same?

This spring Berczy is proud to be sponsoring, Sliding Doors: Your Story, the incredible podcast series that delves into the extraordinary moments that shaped your lives, and how things might have looked if they had never happened.

We set up Berczy in our own Sliding Doors moment in Toronto's Berczy Park and now we want to hear yours! Do you have an extraordinary moment that changed your life? Or will tomorrow be the day? 
We hope that listening to Sliding Doors will inspire you to make your own moment, so grab a Berczy, get outside and see where life takes you. 

Tell us your story in the comment box below and you could be our 'Moment of the Month' and win a pack of refreshing Berczy! 

Listen to Sliding Doors: Your Story on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Keep up to date with all the latest guests and announcements on the Sliding Doors Instagram page. 

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