Berczy Bulletin: The October Edition

Another month begins! We've flown past Halloween and now it's a one way (hopefully snowy) road to Christmas. It's been another jam packed month here and we're so excited to introduce a new Social Media superstar to the team (more of this below).

We've been here, there and everywhere this month, with Nick & Nick spending time over in the US (top secret for now!) and Kate hopping over to Paris. But back in the UK, the Oxford Street Christmas lights have just been switched on and that only means one thing... A Berczy special is BACK! We hope you have a fantastic November and catch you in a few weeks when we are typing this with gloves on.

Team Berczy x

We're going to the Netherlands 

Our partnership with citizenM hotels has gone so well in the UK, that we're so excited to tell you that we're now launching in their hotels across the Netherlands too! 
If you're heading out there soon, make sure you stop by to get your Berczy fix.

We're on TikTok!

We've finally joined the cool kids and made our debut on TikTok. Whether it's hopping on trends, making fun of our bosses or giving you the inside scoop on all things Berczy, we think you're going to love it.
Click here to follow us on TikTok.

Berczy in Paris 

We jumped on the Eurostar to Paris to show the French how to do hard seltzers right! We love going to different countries and seeing new people try our drinks, and it turns out the people of Paris loved it. 
What European city will be next...

Winter Cola is back!

You guys were really missing this flavour so we just had to bring it back for the winter months.
If you haven't tried this flavour before, it's a light, all-natural twist on the classic cola flavour but with none of the sugars or additives that you might find in a certain other red can...

Marissa is the new girl on the Berczy block, running our social media channels across the pond, in the US. Need to know the latest TikTok trends, how to make a reel (hands up!) or what will make you go viral, she's the one to call. 

What are you interested in?

I have a passion for international travel, exploring new cities and trying out the latest restaurants & bars with my puppy, Bubbles 🐶

Best place to visit? 

Italy! There are so many places to visit and things to see in Italy. I love the atmosphere & hustle and bustle in Rome, but also love visiting the vineyards throughout Tuscany. Over the summer I went to the falling city and it was one of the most unique places I've been to. And obviously the food isn't bad either 😋

Which Berczy flavour you'll be grabbing tonight? 

Peach & Raspberry - I love how light yet flavorful this flavor is.

What you're loving right now?

I've been loving all of the Fall television that's out right now. Anything from a creepy Netflix drama to watching any of the "Housewives" shows and their crazy arguments.