Berczy Park, Toronto

In the midst of bustling downtown Toronto is a quaint park. Triangular in shape and cornered with heritage buildings, a rather special fountain lies within…
Berczy Park was named after architect and surveyor, William Berczy, who helped found the founding capital York, which later grew into Toronto. Find out why the Berczy founders were so inspired and built a hard seltzer brand after their visit!

That summer feeling

In the summer of 2019, Nick and Nick, Berczy’s co-founders were on a trip to Canada to visit friends and family. It was a gorgeous evening in the busy Canadian city, the one’s we cling to in the depths of Winter. Meeting friends into the park, they popped into a liquor store to pick up some drinks.

The shelves were filled with an alcoholic seltzer, so they thought they’d give it a try. Cracking open these cold cans, they were amazed at how light and refreshing it was on a warm evening, and saw a huge gap in the British market.

Berczy Park in the summertime Toronto Canada

Berczy Park fountain 

A rather remarkable feature in the centre of Berczy Park, is a two-tiered fountain, which opened in the summer of 2017. It’s surrounded by 27 gorgeous dogs, of all breeds and sizes, and a sole cat. The dogs are all facing inwards to the fountain, spraying water from their mouths, as though worshipping the golden bone that sits as the centrepiece of the fountain.

While you may be distracted looking at the cute dogs, you may well miss the cat, who’s nervously peering elsewhere… 

Uninterested in the bone, the cat is in fact preoccupied with two birds perched on a post.

Where is Berczy Park? Toronto in Canada

Berczy hard seltzer

Initially an idea between friends after a great holiday, Berczy recipes came to fruition. We spotted a gap for an all-natural and light refreshing drink that friends could enjoy without any of the negative impacts of drinking. 

The recipes were tried and perfected for over a year, before we launched. Now proudly over a year into the journey and have featured on TV twice, won a Great Taste award and 4 Spirits Masters Awards, and we’ve carbon offset all our drinks.


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