Berczy Bulletin: The May Edition

May is usually a balmy month with two bank holiday Mondays to make the most of, so this year’s definitely been a shock to the system. It puts a huge smile on our faces when we see everyone’s dedication to dining out, with umbrellas at the ready and wrapped up for ‘British summer time’! We’re so happy for our friends in the hospitality industry, who are finally seeing so many of us venturing out again and things returning to some form of normality.

If the weather apps are correct, there are brighter days coming, hopefully thanks to all our sun dances here at Berczy HQ. But, for now, here’s what we’ve been up to this month...


Mum, we're on TV!

We’re super excited to be on tonight’s episode of Food Unwrapped in the summer BBQ special. Our founder Nick features in the episode as they explore hard seltzers, charcoal and halloumi: the barbie essentials! He chats about the world of hard seltzer, Berczy’s story and answering a key question; what cools quicker, a can or a bottle? Catch up on Channel4 here.

Food Unwrapped hard seltzer

Our cocktail booklet

To celebrate World Cocktail Day this month, we created a booklet of six tasty recipes with Berczy. Every order over the next month will include this cocktail booklet, so you can try making them at home just like this Rosé, Peach & Raspberry Sangria. We’d love to see your cocktail creations, tag us in your photos @berczydrinks with #BerczyCocktails. The best shots will win a 36-can Sharer Pack too!

Berczy alcoholic sparkling water cocktails

We ran with Nick Butter

Our wildly ambitious ambassador, Nick Butter, is currently running around the coast of the UK in a bid to break the record for circumnavigating our island. Our co-founders Nick and Nick (yes, it gets very confusing for us too) went to join him in Norfolk for a jog to find out how it was all going. After starting in Cornwall, Nick has struggled with niggling pains and injuries, but is determined to carry on: follow his journey here.

Berczy alcoholic sparkling water and Nick Butter


Aimee Fuller interview

A legend in GB snowsports, our ambassador Aimee Fuller has been a contender in the international snowboarding circuit for over 10 years. She’s competed at the Sochi and PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and was the first female snowboarder to land a double backflip in competition at the X Games. As well as competing in Slopestyle and Big Air, she takes her resilience to new realms like backcountry snowboarding and now surfing, broadcasting and yoga.

What she’s interested in?

For me, being outdoors and around good people is where I get my kick. I love being active, whether it's a 5k run or a marathon (maybe I'll leave that to Nick), surfing with friends and embracing my natural habitat in the mountains. I can't wait to get back to them next winter. Movement is my medicine, I love yoga as much as my extreme sports, not only does it awaken and energise me physically, but more importantly mentally.

Favourite place to visit?

It really depends on what I'm doing, if it's snowboarding then it has to be Japan. There's something mystical about the mountains and the energy there. If it's a holiday in the sun, having a good crew, water to swim in and good food is all I need. I love Bali for it's sense of adventure, but Europe is amazing too as there's so much to discover.

Which flavour she'll be grabbing tonight?

Passionfruit & Turmeric all the way.

What she’s loving right now?

Right now I am loving being able to get outside and see people again. I've started a new visual-audio podcast called the Monday Mile, where I meet a guest and we walk and talk over a mile-long stroll. It's ace as I get to chat to new people and hear their stories on how they find motivation and what makes them tick!

Aimee Fuller professional snowboarder


Berczy PR

Berczy PR

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