Berczy Bulletin: The January Edition

January sure is a funny month, between Dry(ish) Jan, Veganuary and Blue Monday, the month can often feel like a slow start to the year. We’ve started 2021 at home, with a dusting of snow outside and I’m sure, like us, you are reading more books than you ever imagined! If you’re looking for a bit of escapism or your next page-turning novel, check out our team's favourite reads here.

Book recommendations by Berczy

Have you tried our latest flavour yet?

This tropical sensation with a subtle kick will transport you out of lockdown to a more exotic clime. Get 20% off our Passionfruit & Turmeric alcoholic sparkling water with the code: PASSION20

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Passionfruit & Turmeric hard seltzer Berczy

Why choose low and no?

Are you getting caught somewhere in between a fizzy drink and a double G&T? We’ll meet you halfway. Cue our alcoholic sparkling water range with 4% alcohol, pure sparkling water and real fruit flavours. Our four-times distilled alcohol is a clean, clear liquid derived from sugar beet, which is similar to sugar cane.

Lemon & Lime hard seltzer Berczy

We're live on Amazon!

We’re happy to announce that you can now buy our hard seltzer on Amazon, so go check us out and put that prime membership to good use. Choose between our Mixed Pack, Passionfruit & Turmeric or Lemon & Lime. Our Peach & Raspberry alcoholic sparkling water is also coming soon.

Berczy hard seltzer is live on Amazon

Berczy co-founder Nick Graham

Nick is one of our three co-founders, and as he has family over in Canada, he encouraged his two friends to join him on a trip to Canada and the US. This is where the three of them first tasted hard seltzer in Berczy Park, and after seeing the drinks everywhere, decided to craft their own.

He looks after the sales and has established some great relationships with people in the industry. With a background in start-ups and across retail, starting Berczy felt like the best and most significant next step for him.

What he's interested in: Running, travelling, watching live sport and trying new, innovative drinks.

Best place to visit: I’d highly recommend Canada, where our brand came to fruition. Toronto is great for food, sightseeing and the weather is great in Summer. If you want to get out of the city, head north to Muskoka.

Which flavour he’ll be grabbing tonight: Peach & Raspberry, it's a little more fruity and is a nice alternative to sugary ciders.

What he's loving right now: The new series Your Honour with Bryan Cranston – it’s like Breaking Bad, but better. I’m loving podcasts too, a few friends have set one up called Lazy Lobbers, check them out for golf gossip.

Nick Graham, Berczy founder

PR mentions for Berczy

 We were delighted to have been included in The Sunday Times' Green and Ethical Checklist last weekend. One of our core values as a business is "Be Good", it’s a promise we make in everything we do. Good means ingredients, it means taste, it means service and it means being good to the planet.

Sunday Times Green & Ethical Checklist with Berczy